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Newsletter - Novembre 2007 n°1

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Arcimboldo. He was the official painter of the Austrian court: Ferdinand I, Maximilian II and Rudolf II. His works are discreetly celebrating their glory as suzerains of a changing country with recently discovered animals and vegetables from Africa and America. Nevertheless he could have failed totally out of our memory if the surrealists would not have become fond of his portraits. They probably enjoyed Arcimboldo portraits composed of vegetables, fruits and animals to represent craftsmen, the four seasons and the four elements corresponding (for ex.: Summer with fire).
Long before surrealism he offered a non-academic approach to art, like a still- life plate of fruits becomes a portrait when you look at it up side down. In brief, it offers to us, an insight on the rich culture of the late XVIth century and it's definitively worth a visit. In order to avoid the lines, you book your entrance tickets before and walk right in.

Do you know the Marmottan Museum, located in a former villa? It not only offers some of the Monet paintings but also some great exhibitions : the latest dedicated to the collection of the doctor Bello will be opened till February 3rd and is displaying works of Berthe Morisot, Pissaro, Renoir and, of course, Monet. I love this museum, the collections are great, and best of all it is rarely if ever crowded. Since it's located on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne beautiful, I often follow my visits with a ride in this hugepark. Courbet is definitely one of the French Masters of the 19th century. One hundred and twenty of his paintings and dozens of pictures will help you to discover or rediscover this great painter. The exhibition is located in the Grand Palais and ends on the 28th of January.

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Lion King in French, at the Mogador, millions and millions of euros have been spent to renovate this "oldy" into a quality place for shows, equal to the best show places on Broadway or in London.
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The famous Tosca of Puccini will be awaiting you at the Bastille Opera house till November 20th.

Also at the Bastille Opera, the seasonal show, choreography of Noureev, the Nutcracker Ballet, from November 14th to December 29th, will be played and danced for you.

Equestrian lovers will not miss the show, with the Spanish School of Vienna, the French Cadre Noir de Saumur.
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The Andalusian School of Jerez as well as the Portuguese School of Lisbon show will take place on November 23rd, 24th and 25th in the Palais omni-sport Bercy.
Tough choice! I recently went back to "aux Lyonnais", the famous Ducasse bistro with regional cooking of the Lyon and Burgundy area, and I ate something (sorry, I can't remember the name !) I never tried before and it was good and surprising.

The price paid for the success of this place: it is a little noisy, but tolerable… I have also tried recently.

  • The "Comptoir of Thiou” on Avenue Gorges V, located next door to the famous Crazy Horse Saloon, pleasant waitresses and decor, Thai and fusion food oriented, President Sarkosy is an aficionado of the maison mère, Thiou, located on the left bank which is also worth a visit.
  • The Formula, at the recently reopened Tour d'Argent, is a choice of 3 starters, 3 main courses, one of them being, of course, Duck (my number was 1060864th, as certified on a nice postcard) and a dessert, was an excellent choice. The view of Saint Louis Island, the Seine River and Flying Buttresses of Notre Dame is still and definitely one of the nicest and most romantic in Paris. What does my number mean, you ask? Well, it’s an interesting thing... every time the restaurant serves a Duck, the "dish" gets a new number!

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